Diversification of Flax Germoplasm by Obtaining Productive Varieties with Yellow Seed

 Niculina Ionescu

National Agricultural Research and Development Institute Fundulea

Keywords: flax oil, variety, production potential, oil content.

Abstract: The new Coral F flax oil variety resulted from hybridization and repeated individual selection from the hybrid combination Olin / 2 / Mecorette / Nored / 3 / Verne / 4 / Midin RFO, hence the genotype L 9305-15.
The new line was verified in comparative orientation and competition crops for agronomic characteristics, production potential and oil content in the period 2018-2021 in the experimental field of improvement in from NARDI Fundulea.
In the period 2019-2021, the L9305-15 line was tested at SIVTR Bucharest and was registered with the Coral F variety name in 2022.
The Coral F variety is a semi-late variety with a vegetation period of 105-109 days. The plants of the Coral F variety are presented in a chain with a vigorous appearance and a shade of light green leaves. The mature variety has uniform, medium-sized plants, with a height between 62 and 66 cm. The leaves are light green and lanceolate in shape. The inflorescence is erect, with a length between 18-20 cm. The flower is medium in size, with blue petals and anthers. The style (at the base) and the stem filaments (at the top) are white. The capsules are medium-sized, indehiscent, spherical, slightly elongated, with hairs on the false partition walls of the capsule. The medium-sized seed has a yellow color with a normal luster and a mass of one thousand seeds ranging from 6.8 to 8.7 g. The oil content of the Coral F variety varied between 44.7 and 46.9%. It has a higher production potential than the control Lirina in most of the environmental conditions in which it was tested, with an increase of 9.68%.