Biodiversity plays an essential role in the fabric of society. Each component of biodiversity has an intrinsic, immeasurable value, and human society has to ensure its conservation and sustainable use.

The adaptability of life forms to changes in their natural environment is relatively high, but the sudden and widespread changes that have occurred in recent years due to various factors have strained their adaptive capacities and destroyed or reduced their range.

Climate change in recent years (reduced precipitation, elevated air temperatures, and heightened climate variability throughout the year) can alter habitats and ecosystems. Such dramatic climatic shifts can disrupt the balance and endanger many species.

Crop improvement and modern agricultural technologies can increase crop yields on existing farmland. As a result, a significant contribution can be made to biodiversity conservation through the development of productive, resilient genotypes that are capable of withstanding drought, extreme heat, diseases, and pests, thereby mitigating the impact of global warming on agro-ecosystems, as well as through appropriate technologies that conserve soil water and protect the soil.

Today, the issue of food security is complex and ranks as a top global priority in ensuring worldwide stability.

Food security is closely linked to the nutrition of the population, the development of agricultural production, and the use of resources.

Alimentation must be considered from a dual perspective, encompassing both the quantity and quality of available food.

The absence of essential staple foods in certain regions of the world is a dire catalyst for famine, representing a critical challenge within the realm of food security.

By organizing this conference, we hope that scientists will present a clear and multilateral vision of the environment and the possibility of scientific intervention by human society to ensure that the balance of the components of the environment, so necessary to human life and activity, is maintained.

The conference will be organized by the Romanian Academy, through the National Institute of Economic Research "Costin C. Kirițescu" and the Center for Studies and Research on Agroforestry Biodiversity "Acad. David Davidescu", the "Gheorghe Ionescu-Sișești" Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, the "Fundulea" National Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, and the National Institute for Research and Development in Food Bioresources, Bucharest.