Constanța (România) on August 19-20, 2021


The climate changes in the last years (the decrease of rainfall,  the increase of air temperatures, the increase of variability of  climate in a year period) have a high influence on the  sunflower production.

Sunflower breeding is of a great importance for the plant adaptation to the climate change. There is necessary to understand the genetic  and molecular mechanisms  which control the  plant physiology  and  growing, to know the good characteristics for the hybrids, in the near future. Also, it is necessary to identify the molecular and  genetic  factors which are involved in resistance to drought.

The identification of genes which can optimize the combining ability for productivity, in climate change conditions is very important.

The climate changes have influence also, in the pathogens developing, the resistance of the host plant, also the  pathogen-host interaction.

For increasing the sustainability of the production, in the climate change conditions it is necessary also, the adaptation through the cultivation practices.


The Workshop will be organized by the Romanian Sunflower Association, Ovidius University in Constanta and National Agricultural Research and Development Institute Fundulea, in collaboration with the International Sunflower Association (ISA).

The workshop is going to cover aspects related to sunflower adaptation to climate change by understanding the genome functioning, Pest and diseases in climate change conditions, Stability  of production.

By organizing this Workshop we hope to gather sunflower scientists around the world, presenting their recent achievements.


The workshop can be attended in person, at Ovidius University,  or Virtually, from home or work.