Instruction for writing abstracts


Abstracts should be  prepared  according  to the following  instructions:


TITLE:  Font Times New Roman,  bold, size 12,  UPPERCASE centered.  The title should not exceed max. two  lines

AUTHOR(S):  Font Times New Roman,  size 12,  centered .  Please mark corresponding author with  an  asterix.  Name(s) and  surname(s)  of  authors  set below  the title, with  one line space between.

AFFILIATIONS:  Font Times New Roman,  size 10, centered.

TEXT OF ABSTRACT:  The text  will be  typed  at  one  space  row down  from  the name Abstract ,  edited  in TNR 12,  having minimum 200  and maximum 300 words.

KEY WORDS:  below the text of abstract, with one line space  between , max. 5  representative words, Italic, TNR 12.


Abstracts will be sent to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An "Abstract Book" will be published !
Please, send the abstracts before  1st of August, 2021.